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APC chieftain, Northern group blast Fayose over claims on Aisha Buhari

APC chieftain, Northern group blast Fayose over claims on Aisha Buhari
Embattled Ekiti State governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, came under heavy bashing  yesterday as a northern group and a Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) carpeted the governor for linking the wife of the President, Aisha Buhari, to the Halliburton scandal.
The Northern Alternative Forum, a political pressure group, and APC chieftain in Kaduna State, Yusuf Ali {Raba Gardama}, said the governor was only trying to divert attention from the allegation of widespread corruption leveled against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
Speaking to newsmen in Abuja at different occasions, the Chairman of the Forum, Alhaji Gidado Ibrahim and Ali stressed that the embattled governor’s attempt to drag Mrs.  Buhari into the corruption and bribery controversy was a needless distraction.
The duo urged Mr. Fayose to rather clear himself from the alleged arms deal fraud and stop spreading falsehood.
Speaking to newsmen in Abuja, Ibrahim said Fayose is on a wild goose chase to divert attention from the allegation of widespread corruption leveled against him by the EFCC.

“For Fayose to link the wife of the president to the corruption trial of Congressman Jefferson or any impostor called Aisha Buhari is a joke taken too far, to say the least.
“But for his lack of education and exposure, a simple search on Google could have revealed to Fayose that the Aisha Buhari in question was not the wife of the President.
“But as you know, even Fayose’s educational qualifications are suspicious, therefore he cannot act beyond his capacity,” he said.
He said the governor has formed the habit of casting aspersions and spreading falsehood against the President and his government, but what has become of Ekiti after Fayose took over was a huge embarrassment and disgrace to the highly urbane and educated people of the state.
Gidado said: “This is a man who became governor through the proceeds of corruption and then went ahead to mismanage the resources of the state to the extent that even diesel cannot be procured to power the generator in Government House.
“Workers are languishing in penury and patients are dying in the hospitals, yet he behaves as if everything is well in his state because he does not see things beyond his nose.”
He described Aisha Buhari as a quintessential housewife and a mother whose integrity is beyond doubt, and appealed to Nigerians to disregard Fayose’s latest accusation as “a cocktail of lies from a sinking politician who is bent of dragging the name of the president in the mud in the futile attempt to cover his misdeeds.
“I am confident that nemesis will soon catch up with Fayose because he is just living in a fool’s paradise.”
Also, in an interview with newsmen in Abuja, Ali said the Ekiti State governor has lost all sense of propriety to the extent of maligning the wife of the president in the media.
The APC Chieftain said: “We are being treated yet to another circus by Fayose. This time around as usual, the governor is treating us with cocktail of lies that could not be discussed even in the market square.
“To claim that the said Aisha Buhari mentioned severally in a case of bribery and corruption against US Congressman Jefferson is the wife of the president is a clear indication that Fayose has gone berserk in his struggle to drag the name of the President in the mud,” he said.
Ali said a simple search on Google could have saved the governor this “huge embarrassment” but that he only succeeded in proving to the world that he lacks the basic knowledge and decorum to make constructive criticism of the ruling APC.
“It is no longer news that Fayose’s educational qualifications have been suspicious all this while, but what he did is to prove to the world that he is indeed a motor park tout who lacks both educational and street knowledge. No wonder Ekiti under Fayose has gradually turned into a failed state,” said Ali.
The APC chieftain said in order to further prove Fayose’s accusation wrong, he took his time to dig into the background of the said Aisha Buhari, who is known in the security circle both in Nigeria and the United States of America as a serial scammer, whose stock in trade is to drop the name of President Buhari as either her father or relation in order to curry undeserved favour.
Ali equally wondered how the media, particularly the social media, could have been saturated with such falsehood when they have all the information and resources at their disposal to dig into the fact and expose Fayose as a barefaced liar.


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