Thursday, 30 June 2016

Journalist who alleged that the Kaduna State Govt abandoned the boy whose 'eyes were plucked out by ritualists' shares more details

Journalist Femi Owolabi revealed yesterday that the Kaduna State government hasn't fulfilled its promise to sponsor the boy's education and have allegedly abandoned him.  Femi has now shared a more revealing update. Read below
At a moment yesterday, as a father you know, I broke down, when with Abubakar.When I lifted him into my arms, he started using his palms to rub my index finger and was saying, "Ina kwana? Ina kwana? Ina kwana? (how was your night/sleep?) He wouldn't stop until I answered. I was looking into his face. Handsome. And smart. This little boy. 
"It was on a Sunday morning," Abu's father recounted. He and his brother usually go for Quranic class, but Abu won't go until he collects money to buy what he will take along to class. His grandma gave him money and he went to the third house to this place, where he usually buy cheese ball. Cheese ball had finished and he was returning when some people called him. I wasn't around, it was his grandma who was at home. After a while that she didn't see him return, she went outside to look for him, and there, she saw a circle of people gathered, round his son. His two eyes have been removed. Everything happened in just 30minutes." 
The Kaduna State Police PRO is yet to pick my calls. I'm not sure if this is still being investigated, because no suspect has been identified by the police. The parents told me they've given up on the police, a long time.
I gathered that the Emir of Zaria attempted to assist Abu by taking him to a specialist hospital in Kaduna for a possible eye transplant. Unfortunately, the hospital said it's beyond what they can handle. Again, it is a shame on the Kaduna State government who has failed to redeem its pledges. What will it cost Governor Nasir el-Rufai to fly Abu to India or Germany for further treatment, which he really needs? And sadly, because he wasn't sure if our mission was a genuine one, the Director of the school we intend to put Abubakar in Zaria told me yesterday that, "that was how the Local Government Chairman went to the media to say that they (the government) have already put the boy in our school whereas, there's nothing like that." 
Politicians and their wicked ways. At first, I didn't wanna get myself bothered about this because the report was that a delegation from the Kaduna State government had visited him-- with pledges-- in the hospital. It was all propaganda, we now know. What the government gave Abu was less that N200, 000. And since that hospital visit, no one from the government office has come to check on Abu in that rickety corner in Zaria. 
On a lighter note; I visited Abu with beverages and some stuffs. As I dropped the items on the floor, Abu would pick and hand it over to his grandma. He picked the cornflakes pack, gave to his grandma. Picked the milo and milk sachets, gave to his grandma. When his hand touched the carton of Bobo, he didn't make any attempt to give this one to his grandma. He started dragging it with his brother, and was shouting; "Ina so in sha Bobo! Ina so in sha Bobo!! (I want to drink Bobo!).


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