Friday, 24 June 2016

LIB reader recounts how she was nearly shot by an armed robber yesterday

She sent in her testimony yesterday. Read below...
Indeed, yesterday being the 23rd day of June, 2016 remains and shall always be a memorable, testimony and Thanksgiving day in my entire existence Amen. Yesterday morning I went to Zenith Bank PLC, situate at NNPC Ejigbo to make some withdrawal, and thereafter, took same money to Access Bank PLC also situated at  NNPC Ejigbo to deposit the money, and on getting to the Access Bank where vehicles are packed, a young man I never knew nor met before in my entire existence was coming after me,
though I didn't notice it, and suddenly the young man armed with a long gun shouted at me that i should give him the money I had with me and I refused and asked him which money, while I wanted to run away into the bank, immediately he shot the gun on my left leg and ran away but miraculously the bullet didn't touch nor penetrate into me and when the mobile police men heard the sound of a gun shot they came out and shot at the armed robber but he stood to shot back at them and there after, both the Mobile Police and the armed robber started shooting at each other, the Mopol chased the armed robbers but unfortunately, couldn't get them. The Mopol from other divisions and soldiers came around to ensure peace and serenity is sustained and lives not wasted on the cause. Further, right in the banking hall, everyone was panicking, myself and some persons ran into the toilets, some just laid on the floor. I was busy crying and praying that GOD ALMIGHTY should pls rescue and safe us all. It's really amazing to me and everyone present in the bank how GOD ALMIGHTY really saved my precious life. Many came looking at me like it was a film being watched at the cenima and they would say; My brother GOD trully and thoroughly loves me".                          
What more can I say than to say E ME LA EBUBE DIKE. THANK YOU ABBA FATHER. E SE  O ARUGBO OJO. GRAND MERCI LORD JESUS! I'm really short of words because I'm still in shock and still like a dream to me. All I shall say and continue to say is THANK YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST for not letting me to be killed by armed robbers. It's indeed a testimony, memorable and Thanksgiving day in my life! Oh LORD JESUS CHRIST, may Your Greatest and most Powerful name be praised and worshiped forever and ever Amen.  To the mobile police men stationed at Access Bank PLC NNPC Ejigbo, I say a big and million thanks to you guys for doing a good job today. In fact, I can't thank you guys enough. But thanks all the same. All is still well Amen


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