Wednesday, 29 June 2016

LisaRaye vs Dencia! Dencia vows to still go to court after the US actress reaches out

For those who haven't heard this story at all, their war started after US actress and activist LisaRaye McCoy called Whitenicious 'Carcinogenic' (having the potential to cause cancer) during a radio interview to promote her movie “Skinned”, which is about the epidemic of skin bleaching in Africa and beyond. An angry Dencia first fired off at LisaRaye on social media for saying her products could cause cancer and then later sent her lawyers to write to LisaRaye threatening to sue her if she doesn't retract her statement and apologize. LisaRaye McCoy's lawyers also replied by firing back at Dencia's lawyers in January.

However, the Cameroonian singer and entrepreneur took to her IG page today to reveal that LisaRaye is requesting for a peaceful resolution. Dencia on the other hand is not interested and is still insisting that they go in court.


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