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Be Very Honest: Dandizzy Vs Davolee: Who Is A Better Rapper ?

Dandizzy and  Davolee shares a lot in common having been both are Prolific freestyler Dandizzy is signed to Cadilly label, Cadilly Entertertainment  while Davolee is signed to Olamide’s YBNL. They both rap in a similar pattern which is the street influenced style and they have a massive following on the street.
They are both individually groomed by their progenitor, Olamide and Cadilly and in the future they might emerge as the new Kings of the street.
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Dandizzy is a talented young Port Harcourt Prolific freestyler rapper who has been underground and underrated for a very long time. I have personally been following his music for a while now before the fame. When you talk of rap ingenuity and lyrical prowess with deep rhetorical message then you need to give it up to this young man. He has paid his dues to the industry.
Dandizzy has been the most consistent rap artiste I’ve known during my 6 years of music blogging. A month hardly goes by without him dropping a song and he has been doing this for a very long time before Cadilly discovered him. He was also very active on the street by attending various street music shows, featuring on different artistes songs and even competing in various rap battles/competitions like D’banj’s “The King Is Here” Dandizzy is an exceptional young rapper who has a lot to prove with his music. DOWNLOAD: Dandizzy - Bakasi
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Davolee is the latest addition to Olamide’s YBNL and his rise to fame is one that shocked the world. From hawking pure water on the street of Mushin to becoming a rap star signed to the one of Nigeria’s biggest record label. Davolee is also a young rapper who is just 22 years old and he has been grooming his talent for a very long time but luck shone on him when he did a freestyle “Festival Bar” on Facebook  which caught Olamide’s attention and later signed him to his record label.
Davolee has been keeping it real on the street even before the fame and he remains loyal to street by churning out songs that the street would love. His “Panda” cover went viral and he hasn’t stopped impressing his fans as we await more blazing songs from the talented young lyricist.
Dandizzy and Davolee are two very talented rappers who are making their mark on the rap scene and they are both loved on the street.
Without a doubt you would agree with me that they are among the top contenders for the position of King of The Street which Olamide and Cadilly both hold for now.
But who do think is a better rapper between these two rappers without being biased. Share your thoughts on the topic by leaving your comments below. Written by General Focus (@generalfocus)

Dandizzy Vs Davolee: Who Is A Better Rapper ? free polls

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  1. Davolee na baba, i go for Davolee ybnl for ever

  2. I love Davolee oooh ... Musicindustry i beg who be Dandizzy self ?

    1. Dandizzy is the new hottest rapper in nigeria now try to download any of his song if you dont have it

  3. I love Dandizzy proudly Port Harcourt city

  4. Dandizzy of cadilly


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