Thursday, 4 May 2017

Funny man Dr. Virus laments over the neglect of cultural values at Rivers State Golden Jubilee celebration.

Dr. Virus

Several entertainment stakeholders in Rivers State have once or twice cried out as regards the nature of Rivers State Golden Jubilee celebration; the latest is popular Port Harcourt based Comedian know by any of these aliases Dr. Virus, Dr. Vee and Itubo.
According to the prominent comedian, the diverse cultural values of the Treasure base of the Nation has been neglected and that causes a lot of concern to him looking at the way the state is heading in recent times.

Let’s read as it was seen on Dr. Virus’s Facebook page. 
“Dear contractors to Rivers state Govt for d on going R/S jubilee celebration, I appreciate all u ve done so far, but dnt u also think u are contributing in crushing d economy of d state by ignoring ur own entertainers? Entertainment is an industry through wch messages, adverts and information are passed. Do u know how many lives and families dat are tied to these entertainer? How do they feed if u ignore their source ? Are u practising wat we hear u ple preach? Do u refer to us as “Good people of Rivers State” only wen u need our help? Cultural Centre (our custodians of culture) was established to promote and project our rich and diverse cultural heritage and values yet are sidelined. Do u people report to d Governor dat d residents and indigenous ple of Rivers state whose task and other social responsibility contribute in giving Rivers a good name r taking part? Have u ask why d Governor did not like u give these contracts to outsiders, or u think u are d best in d country? Thanks to those who gave the play productions to professionals, but all of wch are for high class(by invitation). How do these foreigners show case our rich cultural heritage in an artistic glance if they know nothing abt d ple of IGBANI, IKWERRE, OGONI, ETCHIE, ANDONI, OGBA, INDONI, KALABARI, OKIRIKA, ELEME etc? @drveecomedian. #truthbetold #scomedianasocialcrique”


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